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Since the publication of Mr. Mouthful Learns His Lesson in late fall of 2017, I have visited many schools and done a number of book signings. A list appears here. At most of the schools, I talked to combined class and did multiple sessions. My presentation works for all elementary-school grades. 

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My goal? Mostly, I want kids to laugh—and they do. But they also learn about becoming an author and making a book. They are fascinated by all that goes into it, and I show them how the book developed from beginning to end.  Finally, kids learn some important things about words, word meanings, word play, and metaphor. The book has a bunch of fun words like chapeau and titter and blather and froufrou.

I say this in the introduction: “Learn to love words—big and small—and learn which ones to use when.” Kids with dreams of writing will be inspired.

I would be happy to provide references from teachers and librarians at the schools I have visited.

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Teachers and (brand-new) homeschool parents—we’re scheduling Virtual Author Visits. The Virtual Visits are for your classroom, school, or online group. Join via a Zoom call, and see how the “Mr. Mouthful” book came to life. Author Joseph Kimble will show the handwritten drafts and how the artwork was selected; interact with your students or group; and answer questions about the book and how it was produced.

There will be lots of laughter and learning for kids in grades K–5.

This 1-hour Zoom session can be requested using the form below and can include your classroom students, a group of new homeschool kids, or your public-library patrons. It’s totally FREE!

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Talking about the book to students at Cactus Wren Elementary in Phoenix




The author will send an inscribed bookplate, designed by the illustrator to complement the book, to anyone who buys the book and contacts him.