Reviews for Mr. Mouthful and the Monkeynappers

“A loquacious hero and his primate companion return in Kimble’s comical children’s book sequel … The rhythmic sentences sometimes include internal rhymes, and the ten-cent words make for a fun read-aloud … Bell’s brightly colorful cartoon illustrations … capture the chaotic energy of the adventure … When the kids end up as the heroes … , young readers should cheer along. A clever story with a verbose main character who learns to listen to kids.” —Kirkus

“Mr. Mouthful is back with his highfalutin talk that creates comical scenes with kids … Kimble continues his Mr. Mouthful series (after Mr. Mouthful Learns His Lesson) with this rollicking romp of adventure, excitement, and, above all, the pleasure of learning unusual words . . . Young readers will revel in Kimble’s evocative language … Just as Kimble delivers loads of effusive entertainment, Bell’s sprightly illustrations—showcasing the characters as they stumble, dance, and scamper after Mr. Mouthful—overflow with subtle amusement. Takeaway: Charming adventures with a fancy-pants and his pet monkey.” —Booklife (Publisher’s Weekly)

“Bountiful physical comedy and jaunty wordplay results in considerable charm in the picture book Mr. Mouthful and the Monkeynappers . . . Mr. Mouthful—an ‘incorrigible gasbag’ in a bow tie and a bowler hat— and Dupree make an outlandish pair, as the dancing monkey sows chaos wherever he goes. Indeed, Dupree’s companionship helps make Mr. Mouthful an endearing hero whom the children are happy to follow and tease; they’re eager to help him when he requires it too … The illustrations showcase an array of emotions on the children’s cartoonish faces and … also help make Mr. Mouthful’s flowery language easy to decipher with their context clues. —Clarion (four stars)

“As the picture book delivers a cerebral message about using simple language to get your point across, children will delight in the longer words peppered throughout …  The fun, dramatic illustrations capture the spirit of this madcap adventure …” —BlueInk

Mr. Mouthful and the Monkeynappers is a funny tale that sounds great when read aloud, with wonderful, vivid illustrations by Kerry Bell.”  —Lansing State Journal

Reviews for Mr. Mouthful Learns His lesson

“A valuable book that you will fall in love with. Funny, silly, creative … Teaches important life lessons … ingeniously. The illustrations are fantastic … A superb book that you will want in your home.”  —National Parenting Center

“The story is charming, the characters amusing, and the illustrations polished and a perfect match for the tone … Overall, the book’s takeaway is likely more applicable to adults than children … Still, young readers will delight in the fun drawings, captivating characters, and silly situations.” BlueInk

Mr. Mouthful Learns His Lesson by Joseph Kimble is a funny book … Cute illustrations lend a lot of personality to Mr. Mouthful and his pet monkey, as well as all the people they interact with.” —Foreword Clarion

“Let’s face it, the English language can be weird. Only in English would the words pony & bologna rhyme. The more you learn about the English language, the weirder it gets. That is what makes expanding your English vocabulary so much fun. Mr. Mouthful Learns His Lesson is a lot of fun. After you read it, get out your dictionary and let your love of words begin.” —Michael Hale, author and illustrator, Phoenix, Arizona

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