By Professional Reviewers and Writers

“The story is charming, the characters amusing, and the illustrations polished and a perfect match for the tone. . . . Overall, the book’s takeaway is likely more applicable to adults than children. . . . Still, young readers will delight in the fun drawings, captivating characters, and silly situations.” BlueInk

Mr. Mouthful Learns His Lesson by Joseph Kimble is a funny book . . . . Cute illustrations lend a lot of personality to Mr. Mouthful and his pet monkey, as well as all the people they interact with.” —Foreword Clarion

Mr. Mouthful Learns His Lesson will have kids giggling [over] his unusual choice of words. Parents, don’t be surprised if some of these funny sayings creep into your youngster’s conversations. This is a fun story that kids will enjoy reading over and over again.” —Alice Berger, Bergers Book Reviews

“Let’s face it, the English language can be weird. Only in English would the words pony & bologna rhyme. The more you learn about the English language, the weirder it gets. That is what makes expanding your English vocabulary so much fun. Mr. Mouthful Learns His Lesson is a lot of fun. After you read it, get out your dictionary and let your love of words begin.” —Michael Hale, author and illustrator, Phoenix, Arizona

By Teachers and Students

“Mr. Kimble read his book to our fourth-graders at Bennett Woods Elementary in Okemos, Michigan. They were smiling and laughing at the storyline and illustrations. A wonderful story about the beauty of words with a surprise ending. The kids really loved the presentation!” —Trish Finnerty, fourth-grade teacher

“Five stars!” “Sooo funny.” “Hilarious and original.” “I thought it was divine.” “I loved the silliness.” “Amazing.” “I loved the pictures.” “Unique” “Outstanding words.” “I really liked how it sorta rhymed.” “So funny when Axel fell in the poop.” “I could read that book a million times.” —Fourth-grade students, Bennett Woods Elementary, Okemos, Michigan

“I am a teacher, and I was lucky enough to have Mr. Kimble come to read his book to my class. The kids loved the story and were engaged the whole time. I would definitely recommend this book.” —Noelle Welte, first-grade teacher, Cactus Wren Elementary, Phoenix, Arizona

“It was a pleasure hosting Mr. Kimble at Abbot Elementary [in Ann Arbor, Michigan]. The children giggled at the antics in his book and enjoyed his mannerisms. He was able to share with our students his process of writing a book. My colleagues and I found this very helpful and have asked ‘what did Mr. Kimble do?’ several times during lessons in the days after his visit. Our students are excited to expand their vocabularies and apply some of the things he shared with us.” —Gina Maksimchuck, second-grade teacher

“We thoroughly enjoyed hosting Joe Kimble at our middle school as he inspired and honored the thinking of our young people. His writing process engaged our aspiring writers, who were invited to share their wonderings aloud! This sometimes-tough-to-entertain age bracket was taken by Joe and even erupted in several bouts of reluctant laughter.”  —Katie Bielecki, sixth-grade teacher, Hope Middle School, Holt Michigan

“From beginning to end, this book will be appealing to readers of all ages! Joseph Kimble’s delightfully inventive story is one that I want to read to my students and grandchildren. Many teachable moments inside.” —Susie Brody, elementary-school teacher (ret.), Linden, Michigan

“What a creative way to expand a child’s vocabulary. Mr. Mouthful Learns His Lesson is rich in text that will open up classroom discussions on the use and meaning of words. Mr. Mouthful could also be a teaching tool to illustrate how authors use WOW words to make their stories more interesting. The illustrations are adorable and truly represent the characters.” —Kym Farkas, elementary-school teacher, San Diego, California

“A lighthearted cautionary tale about how words can help or hinder communication. Delightfully illustrated for children of grade-school age. Adults will enjoy the vocabulary spins, and children will learn some new words too! Perfect for introducing children to the concept of plain language.” —Lezlee Worthington, children’s librarian (ret.), Lansing, Michigan

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